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Hafiz Hussein


V. Keyodhoo

Vaavu Atoll, Maldives

Tel: +960-7973856

Registration Number: GH-298

Licence Number: 88-LU/GH/2014/11

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Terms and conditions


January 2023

Jupiter Sunrise Lodge, hereinafter referred to as the lessor, shall ensure that these GTC are made known to the lessee. The notification is deemed to have taken place when the tenant has clicked on the button "Accept GTC".

The lessor provides the lessee with board and lodging.

In no case is the lessor a travel agent.

The price indicated is valid as stated on the website.

Prices, payments and deposits
All prices are in US dollars. 
We accept the following means of payment: US Dollar, credit card payments, bank transfers to our Maldivian bank account.
Credit card payments & bank transfers are subject to a fee of 2.5% of the invoice price, plus transfer fees. 

 We only accept new dollar notes, printed in 2013 or later!!! Old dollar notes are no longer accepted in the Maldives! 

The valid room rate is the rate stated on the website at the time of booking. An immediate deposit of 20% of the tour price is due upon booking.
The booking is only considered confirmed when the 20% deposit has been received into the account. In case of cancellation, the 20% deposit will not be refunded. 
The prices for fishing trips are listed on the website with a limited date. Prices are subject to change after the specified date has passed.

Total travel costs
All prices already include government levies and taxes.

Check in time with the lessor is at 15:00 at the earliest.
Check out time is no later than 10:00 am.

If you check out later, you will be charged for another night!
Changes require consultation and must be approved by the lessor.

The agent confirms the reservation when the travel price has been credited to the account and the GTC have been accepted by the hirer.

The rooms may be occupied by no more than the number of persons listed in the booking. Subletting is not permitted.
If the rooms are occupied by more than the number of persons stipulated in the contract, the lessor may terminate the contract without notice and without compensation.

The date of receipt of the written cancellation by the agent is decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fees. For Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day is deemed to be the day of delivery. Any bank charges for refunds shall always be borne by the hirer. Refunds from credit card payments are subject to an additional 6% processing fee.

The basis for calculation is the total travel costs (TCB).
Cancellations are subject to:

More than 45 days before the scheduled check in: 20% of the tour price
45 - 30 days before the scheduled check in: 50% of the tour price
29 - 15 days before the scheduled check in: 70% of the tour price
Less than 15 days before the scheduled check in: no refund of the travel price

Fishing trips are part of the total package. This service only counts for guests staying at the Jupiter Sunrise Lodge guesthouse.
In the event of cancellation, fishing trips will also be cancelled. 

Change requests of the tenant:
All change requests must be made in writing to the agent.
he guest has the right to propose a substitute tenant. This person must be reasonable and solvent for the lessor. He/she enters into the contract under the existing conditions. The guest and the substitute tenant are jointly and severally liable for the rent.

In the event of early departure, the full amount of the total travel costs must be paid.

Cancellation of the Vaavu Atoll speedboat ferry and the Meemu Atoll speedboat ferry is not possible! In case of non-use, the total amount must be paid by the guest to the speedboat company. 

Force majeure
If force majeure (environmental disasters, natural disasters, official measures, etc.), unforeseeable and/or unavoidable events prevent the rental or its continuation, the lessor is entitled, but not obliged, to offer the guest an equivalent substitute object to the exclusion of claims for compensation. If the service cannot be provided or cannot be provided in full, the amount paid or the corresponding share shall be refunded to the exclusion of further claims. Likewise, neither the lessor nor the agent is liable for changes to the timetable of the ferries and/or weather-related cancellations or delays of the ferries.

The lessor is responsible for a proper reservation and fulfilment of the contract in accordance with the contract. 
The lessor is not liable for bathing or fishing accidents or accidents while snorkelling or other personal injuries!
Bathing and snorkelling at your own risk!
Liability is excluded in the event of omissions on the part of the hirer or his fellow travellers. Liability is also excluded in the case of unforeseeable and/or unavoidable omissions by third parties, as well as in the case of force majeure, all events which the lessor/keyholder or other persons commissioned by the lessor or agent could not foresee or avert despite due care. Lessors or agents are not liable for the tenant's valuables. Translated with (free version)

The bindingly booking tenant is jointly and severally liable for ensuring that his
co-travellers also comply with all provisions of this contract.

The lessor's exclusion of liability exists in particular in the case of:

delays or failure of the carrier if the planned journey by ferry cannot be taken as scheduled.

Timetable changes of the ferry company.

The costs of any other transport to the rented property, such as the speedboat, are not borne by the lessor and are always at the expense of the hirer.

The cost of a transfer by private speedboat is currently around $1000 USD in words one thousand US dollars one way for the Male - Keyodhoo route.

Bathing, snorkelling and diving at your own risk!

We recommend that every guest takes out international health insurance with repatriation to the home country and travel cancellation insurance. It is also recommended that the travel cancellation insurance includes the following: Trip interruption & coverage of additional costs incurred due to cancellation or delay of flights or the ferries. 

Careful use
The rented property shall be handed over to the guest in a clean condition. If there are any defects, the guest must inform the lessor immediately. Otherwise, the rented property shall be deemed to have been handed over in perfect condition.

The guest undertakes to use the rented property with care and to show consideration towards other residents and neighbours.

In the event of damage, the lessor must be informed immediately.
The rented property must be returned on time in a tidy condition with a complete inventory. The guest is liable for damages and missing inventory.

Maldivian law, place of jurisdiction Male, Maldives

End of the contract conditions