Saltwater fishing in the Indian Ocean

You have the target fish, we have the pros!

Your fishing adventure begins with the planning of your trip. We help you prepare for the challenging conditions of deep-sea fishing.

Types of fishing


You are a professional or want to become one? You will get exactly the support you need from us.

If you have the angling gene, you will quickly find your way around, even in rough conditions. The fun and fishing success will come all by itself. Whether you're deep-sea trolling for big tuna or fly-fishing the endless flats, our experienced team is always at your side.


On the inner reef and on the outer reef edges you will find the ultimate sporting challenge with popping, as this type of fishing uses artificial lures (stickbaits and poppers) with a casting weight of 100-170g. You fish the reef edge from the surf zone to the deeper water near the break-off edge. Every bite from one of the many predatory fish is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable adrenaline rush.


Hunt with us for the big pelagic predators such as yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, grouper, snapper and co. You fish offshore break-off edges and underwater mountains with a water depth of up to 350m. So that you can reliably drill the heavy fish from the depths to the surface, we use PE6 routes and 200-250g jigs.

Live Bait Fishing

Classic offshore big-game fishing for marlin, sailfish, bigeye and dogtooth tuna, as well as barracuda, you can do with us using 50 to 80 tackle and Black Magic stand-up belts. The main food fish of the big predators, the bonito, is also used by us as live bait. For the really big fish, we also have a 130 tackle with a fighting chair. 


Trolling is where you scout the Indian Ocean offshore for the big impact. While trolling, you'll strike on artificial lures, trolling lures or plugs ranging from marlin, sailfish and yellowfin tuna to wahoo and mahi mahi. Our experienced captains will support you in your quest for your personal record fish.

Fly fishing

Explore the Maldives' miles of flats for fly fishing and go in search of reef fish with our fly fishing skilled guides. We recommend 8 to 9 weight rods, depending on your target fish, and at least a 10 weight rod, preferably a 12 weight, for larger fish like the Giant Trevally. Properly equipped, there is nothing standing in the way of you and your fishing dream. The Maldives is considered a unique fly fishing destination for a reason.

Climate and seasons


The fishing opportunities in the Maldives depend on the current season.

There are two seasons in the Maldives, characterised by the main wind direction and current. The seasons influence important general conditions for the angler.

North - East Monsoon (November - April)

From about December onwards, the currents start moving from east to west through the atolls. These favourable currents for our region ensure that a lot of bait fish are in places that are easy for us to reach. Large predators such as marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish, etc. attracted by the bait fish are best to be caught at this time. 

Site-faithful fish such as the Giant Trevally can be fished all year round. GT fishing depends on whether or not we can reach the fishing spots in the day's weather.

South - West Monsoon (May - October)

In May, the current flows from west to east and the water temperatures are slightly lower on average.

Fishing conditions are often good 10 to 20KM west of our atoll. The somewhat unstable weather at this time makes for more down days than in the north-east monsoon.

This season brings the highest monthly precipitation, but also the greatest variety of fish, assuming one is able to reach the relocated fishing grounds.

The Lodge


You will find us on a fishing island and not on one of the typical tourist resorts.

This location has many benefits for anglers. Take advantage of the available infrastructure and the knowledge of the local guides to gain unique experiences. Like everywhere else, there are rules that guests have to follow.

Food and own use

Maldivian cuisine is strongly influenced by fishing and the culinary tradition of seafood. For this reason, all fish is usually used on the islands. Putting back severely injured or weak fish is considered a waste of food and is not appreciated.

Putting an injured fish back to buy expensive dinner at the fish market later is not sustainable in the long run.

Catch and release

Fish, such as the Giant Trevally or Grouper, are very site-loyal fish above a certain size.

When reefs are fished out by recreational fishing, no population is left for the future.

This C&R/T&R policy is therefore not "strict" or "dictatorial", but builds on reason and fairness of all parties involved.

The Maldives is a Muslim country

When you visit us as a guest, we ask you to abide by the applicable laws as well as the important customs and traditions.

The imam calls the people to prayer five times a day. The call to prayer is heard all over the island, and the first prayer of the day takes place at around 05:00 in the morning.

During their stay on the island, ladies are expected to keep their shoulders and knees covered. At the bathing beach and on our excursions on the dhoni, bathing and sunbathing is possible in European swimwear.

We support the project "Protect the Maldives" to protect the sensitive ecosystem on land and at sea. In order not to let tourism become a burden, we follow the rules of the project and also ask for your consideration.

Our fleet


Our boats are specially tailored to the needs of sport and deep-sea fishermen.

Whether you want to go big-game fishing out on the open ocean to catch tuna or fly-fishing the endless flats of the deserted islands, we have the right boat with a professional crew waiting for you.

Speedboat "Jupiter 8"
from 1000$/day

The modern 38ft boat, specially designed for popping and jigging, offers space for up to 5 fishermen. Jupiter 8 is rough-water resistant and the two 250 hp engines even allow you to go on multi-day trips to remote atolls.

23ft Centre Console "Jupiter 5"

Jupiter 6 is a 23ft centre console boat that allows you to fish popping and jigging with up to two fishermen. With two 60hp engines, you can dynamically fish different spots and reefs in the atoll.

from 520$/day
21ft Flatboat "Jupiter 6"
from 365$/day

To get you to the flats for fly fishing, we use the 21ft flatboat built for this purpose. The 60hp motor will reliably take you and a maximum of 3 other anglers to your target fish.

Fishing Dhoni "Jupiter 3" and "Jupiter 7"

Our two fishing dhoni combine the traditional Maldivian hull shape with the demands of modern sport fishermen: plenty of deck space for popping and jigging, a large live-bait tank, fighting chair (only available on one boat) for big game fishing and 130lbs/80lbs/50lbs/30lbs equipment for trolling.

from 425$/day