papageiThe Maldives is a Muslim country.
We would like to point out some customs and traditions.

Alcohol and drugs, pork:
The consum of alcohol and pork is prohibited in the Maldives. Alcohol may be served only in tourist resorts.
In our guesthouse, on an inhabited island by locals, no alcohol will be served and consumed. The importation and use of drugs are also strictly prohibited!

Women's clothing:
We would like to encourage women to keep shoulders and knees covered at their residence on the island. For all trips with our Dhoni wearing European swimwear is of course allowed.
We have also a Part of the Beach at Keyodhoo where you can stay in swimwear!

Mosque & Praying:
The Muslims praying 5 times a day. The Imam is calling for it and the first Pray of the Day is around 5 AM. It will be possible to hear it.

Protect the Maldives!

In your interest: We also support the project "Protect the Maldives." To protect the sensitive ecosystem of the Maldives and the tourism does not become a burden, we follow the rules of the project and ask our guests to respect. Before your arrival, you will therefore see the fact sheet or brochure of "Protect the Maldives" and you will see that follow the rules slightly, but certainly are of great benefit. The information material should please not be taken home as a souvenir, but remain for the next guest in the house. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Travel InformationTravel Information

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