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Keyodhoo is a typical fishing island of Vaavu Atoll, about 80 km away from the capital. The Vaavu Atoll is one of the most sparsely populated atolls of the Maldives and is small used for tourism. On Keyodhoo there are some small shops where everything for your daily needs is available. In addition there are schools, an office, a hospital ward, a mosque, a restaurant and souvenir shops. A part of the beach is reserved for tourists, but we also offer visits to all sandbanks and uninhabitted islands with beautiful beaches. Small local delicacies can be eaten in the two cafes on the island in the afternoon. You can also have a cup of coffee or tea. The harbor is filled with life in the afternoon. Volleyball and cards are being played, people talk and laugh, kids play till the sun goes down. Regularly Bodu Beru (big drum) performances with singing and dancing can be watched, too. Immerse yourself in the carefree and friendly atmosphere of our beloved island.


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The island Hulhidhoo can be reached with our boat in just a few minutes and serves plenty of room to play and relax. You can also do snorkeling or sunbathing. On these trips we also bring a solar sail to the island because as everywhere in the Maldives sunscreening is necessary. If you like we will prepare your lunch on the island. Lunch at Hulhidoo is normally in the form of a picnic that consists of sandwiches, fresh fruits and cakes. In addition, non-alcoholic soft drinks and coffee are always available.


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Various sandbanks can be reached in about an hour with our boat. You can also reach several reefs for snorkeling on the boat trips.

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While snorkeling in the Maldives you can be inspired by the fascinating underwater world.

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The Dhoni is the traditional transport way in the Maldives. Originally Dhonis were fishing boats or boats to transport goods, but now they serve many purposes. Equipped with a diesel engine Dhonis bring tourists from Male - the capital of the Maldives - out to the various islands of the atolls, starting points of diving or they are being used for an excursion to nearby islands.

The construction of a dhoni is the most important crafts of Maldivians. Over the centuries, Dhoni remained largely unchanged. Thus, the dhonis were perfectly adapted to the conditions prevailing in the Maldivian atolls water and weather conditions, the hulls are made of the very hard and difficult wood of the coconut palm. The wood has the property of being so strong and resilient that a collision of the boats with the often very flat lying below the ocean coral reefs, won't destroy them.

Today's Dhoni
With the engine size of Dhoni in the 1970s and 1980s changed its traditional form. The hull is narrow in order to fit the achieved by diesel engines higher speeds. Also the boat has a cover to hide the engine and to create storage space. The wood of the coconut palm exchanged shipbuilders mostly. All inhabited islands have a Dhoni building company or at least a place where ships can be repaired. Some islands have even specialized in the construction of Dhonis.

Our Dhonis
We have two Dhoni, one Fishing Dhoni with a Live Bait Tank and a Dhingee. Our team has several experienced technicans and Captains which take care of all Boats. For safety reasons a radio, life jackets and a large first aid kit with bandages and disinfectants is on board.