There are two seasons in the Maldives, and each season offers a variety of fishing due to changes in currents, visibility in the water temperature and plankton movement. This is becoming increasingly difficult to determine due to the change in the global weather conditions.

NORTH EAST MONSOON (November- April)
From December flows from east to west through the atolls start. Water clarity improves to 30 + meters on the eastern side of the atolls. Due to this current life awakens to the channel edges and reefs. It gathers a variety of fish there. The flow tends to be stronger in February, but the surface water is calmer. The water temperature rises to 30 degrees and the billfish often hunt a little deeper. These conditions remain quiet until March / April until the storm clouds from the southwest end of April to slowly build. With the currents, the water running through the atolls in the west. The water is then very plankton kingdom. The underwater visibility in the west of the atoll during this time is usually 10 to 15 meters.

In the southwest monsoon season on the western side of the atolls have a good chance to Yellowfintun fishing. The flow is usually less severe and the view is very well slowly. (Visibility of 30m +). The water temperatures are a little lower, which means that the fish are closer to see Bill on the atoll of drop-off. During the southwest monsoon can be on the eastern side of the atolls also set good Yellowfin conditions. Mostly, however, about 10 to 20 km from the atolls. Since the overall weather conditions can be unpredictable (often strong winds and heavy rain for a period of usually 3-4 days), it is worth considering whether it is able to fish there. This is the period with the highest rainfall per month. This period may, however, offer the largest variety of fish, if you are able to reach these displaced fishing grounds.

For Popping, GT fishing and fly fishing are consistent condiotions and fishing opportunities throughout the year.
Site fidelity reef fish (grouper, snapper, barracuda, various Trevally's and Giant Trevally, Pompano, etc.) can be caught year-round.

The lodge
is located on a fishing island and not on the typical tourist resorts. That usually means everyone is here exploited fish. It is useless to fish that are injured or too weak to "revive" the to releasen. The same goes for fish that were caught jigging in (some in more depth)

Personal use:
Food (and which includes fish) would otherwise have to be bought at expensive prices. It would make no sense to catch fish and to Releasen then, and then later at the fish market to buy his dinner.

The GT is (up to a certain size), a site-faithful fish. Here, when reefs or even house reefs are fished out, nothing remains for the future. Sharks are a protected species in the Maldives. This C & R / T & R Policy is not "strictly" or "dictatorial", but based on reason and fairness.

The boat is fully equipped for all common types of fishing: Jigging, Popping, bottom fishing, trolling, live bait. Facilities on the bow, stern and upper decks are appropriate rod holders, Hummingbird fish finder, Canon Downrigger, Outrigger, nets, Gaff & AFTCO Tailer (tail loop). Because stand up fishing is usually preferred a Blackmagic Gimbal & Harness (Standard / XL) is on board also.

Our shop:
You can buy Lures, Hooks, Lines and other items in our own Fishing Shop. 

Our fleet:
We own two Dhonis, a Fishingdhoni with Live Bait Tank and a Dhingee, which can be charted anytime if available.

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Boat Application Price
Jupiter Full Day Fishing, Trolling, Popping, Jigging 315,- USD
Submarine Full Day Fishing, Trolling, Popping, Jigging, Live Bait Living 365,- USD
Fishing Dhoni Full Day Fishing, Trolling, Popping, Jigging Live Bait Living 415,- USD
  Maldivian style Live Bait Fishing 500,- USD
Dhingee Full Day Fishing, Popping & Fly Fishing 350,- USD
Centre Console Full Day Fishing: Popping, Jigging, Fly Fishing 500,- USD

Fishing types & places

Usually we fish the outer reefs of the atolls. Here the escarpment runs at 1000m, then at 2000 m and the surf breaking on the reef (preferred sites for Giant Trevally). Along the atolls extend several streams and Ripps, we drag with lures or Livebait. Particularly promising is the southernmost tip of Vavuu Atoll. Here, the depth is at 2000m and several currents intersect. Even the inner atoll can be fished. However, the danger of being demolished by coral much higher and you fish more or less in the "nursery". Something situation is different in the "Blue Hole", the deep water area of the atolls. Here we have a good chance of Trevally, Jacks, Dogtooth Tuna.

Contrary to the tourist resorts on Keyodhoo fishing is allowed from the bank, and worth a try. Even avid fly fisherman can get their money. Our Crew have experience with fly fishing but at the moment we don't provide fly fishing equipment. If you book the boat for fly fishing a guide / spotter is always on board.

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